I'm Kyle Frost, a designer who's spent over a decade building startups and moonlighting as a photographer and writer. Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of brands, destinations, and publications in the outdoor and travel spaces.

Here & There is a newsletter and creative studio focused on exploring interesting locales, sharing insights, and educating readers on various topics related to the outdoors and travel. I'm always striving to bring subscribers a level of depth and quality that they might not find in other outdoor media outlets.

In 2024, Here & There joined Mountain Gazette, a beautiful, bi-annual magazine focused on the best stories in outdoor culture. H&T is now Mountain Gazette's weekly Thursday newsletter.

Question? Comments? Interested in working together? Shoot an email to kyle.frost@mountaingazette.com

"A refreshing newsletter covering topics in the outdoors...that isn't constantly trying to sell me a jacket."

"I love these weekly emails. Smart, informative, and generally a nuanced take on a complex topic that deserves it."

"Perspective, opinions, nuance... great. This makes me feel more positive about Mountain Gazette. Keep poking us with topics that are complicated."

"Your ability to provide the facts, while not directly stating a position on them and commicate it all so well made this a pleasure to read."