Here & There is a newsletter and creative studio focused on exploring interesting locales, sharing insights, and educating readers on various topics related to the outdoors and travel. The content covered can be varied, the publishing schedule inconsistent, but I'm always striving to bring subcribers a level of depth and quality that they might not find elsewhere.

I try to keep "look at this cool new thing" or basic "visit here" posts to a minimum, and I'm most excited about working with destinations, companies, and other publications who are interested in complex stories with tie-ins to broader discussions in tourism, the outdoors, and travel.

"This is one of the few newsletters on the web that isn't shilling some product, or acting as a thinly veiled self-promotion hustle.  When Here & There lands in my inbox I know I'll end up captivated by something I didn't know existed, or be more well-informed on something topical. Plus, having a light sprinkling of travel eye-candy always helps."

Alex N.

"Mainly, I really dig the way you approach things. The writing and journalism on Here & There is a breath of fresh air in a world drowning in clickbait and short, inflammatory articles. Always appreciate getting a new one in my inbox."

Carl M.

"Kyle pays attention to all of the outdoor news that a better version of yourself would make time to read and think about on your own. Here & There is a great way to stay in touch with the outdoor community and provides an engaging venue for discourse and sanity in otherwise tumultuous times."

Jeff G.

"Here & There inspires me to travel and makes me think about issues and topics that I wasn't tuned into before. It's always engaging and varied in a way that keeps things interesting!"

Kelly G.

"I subscribed because it's something different, not just listicles and ads. It's cool that it goes more in-depth on things I normally wouldn't think about."


"It's hard to weed through all the information out there. I like how the posts dive into detail with analysis on information I don't really see in other media outlets."

Lilah K.

"I think the biggest thing that draws me into Here & There are the takes on bigger issues from a perspective that feels more relatable. It's a nice outlet to read about things happening around the outdoor space from a lens that isn't constantly trying to sell me a jacket"

Kody K.