An outdoor and travel newsletter, without the bullshit.

Keeping you inspired, informed, and thinking – no listicles, or low-effort PR plugs. Expect nuance, questions, and complexity. A bit of this, a bit of that. Here & There.

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- Newsletters sent weekly-ish (not overwhelming)

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It's not complicated.

I write about things that I find interesting or inspiring. I'm most excited about unique destinations, innovative companies, and complex stories with tie-ins to broader discussions in tourism, the outdoors, and travel.

Deep dives. Digging into topical discussions and headlines.

Destinations & travel. Unique locales, photography, and human-powered adventures.

Gear. Less frequent, but I'll occasionally talk about new innovations and things I actually use.

From readers

"One of the most unique and talented voices in outdoor media today"

Colin True - host of the Rockfight podcast

"Here & There takes on bigger issues from a perspective that feels relatable. It's a great newsletter about unique topics in the outdoor space...that isn't constantly trying to sell me a jacket"

Lilah K - outdoor filmmaker

"I know I'll end up captivated by something I didn't know existed, or be more well-informed on something topical. Plus, having a light sprinkling of travel eye-candy always helps."

Alex N - outdoor enthusiast

"I haven't seen a story titled 'Best Can openers of 2023', or anything similar, so that's a plus"

Mike S - managing editor