A collection of interesting, independent, niche, publications and creators.

The feminist response to the cycling industry.

an online (+print) magazine devoted to outdoor adventure in all its form.

A new independent, print magazine for backpackers and people who sleep in the dirt.

Skiing’s cultural quarterly in a coffee table format.

Here & There


Kyle Frost

Weekly-ish musings on the outdoors and travel

Dirt Bike Story Teller.

Basecamp equips you with the best job opportunities and insider info so you can navigate your next move in the outdoor industry with confidence.

Honing Her Craft


Amelia Arvesen

A newsletter about writing, creativity, and connection

A creative studio and independent magazine at the intersection of design and the outdoors.

Mountain biking's independently owned and community driven magazine.

Mountain Gazette features stunning photography and the best long-form storytelling anywhere.

A modern outdoor lifestyle publication for lovers of good design and the great outdoors.

Pinch of Dirt


Jessica McKenzie

Climate & environment news, hiking & backpacking adventures,

Our goal is to discover, create and curate the best vanlife content to celebrate those who love to explore on four wheels

Conversations on the people, places, and races that make trail and ultra running the incredible community that it is.

A movement towards gender inclusivity and racial equity in cycling and the outdoors.

Everyone’s searching for skiing’s soul. I’m trying to find its brains.

HiHeyHello is a twice-yearly print magazine celebrating women’s outdoor culture, sitting at the intersection of adventure, sport, and creativity.

Welcoming obsessively researched gear reviews

Your guide to the Rocky Mountain outdoor lifestyle | Gear. Beer. Music. Mountains. Fun

A collective of ski and outdoor industry veterans who share a strong passion and knowledge for all things happening in our industry

Sharing the diverse voices, art, and experiences of our worldwide climbing community.

Hyper-specific guidebooks for multi-day adventures. Our guidebooks professionalize adventure information, support the outdoor community, and make it easier for you to be curious and choose adventure.

Born out of the desire to provide authentic stewardship of snowboarding culture

Semi Rad


Brendan Leonard

Semi-Rad is enthusiasm for things regular folks can do, adventures for the everyperson. It’s a web site for those of us crushing it, kind of. I hope you enjoy it.

A printed collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography that we think is simply too good to be confined to a screen.

Terradrift is all about sustainable travel and outdoor adventure, from exploring new places to sampling new vegan fare to finding the best animal-free and eco-friendly outdoor clothing and gear.

The adventures, insights, and travel tips of a gay digital nomad couple exploring the world.

Magazine and website covering gear reviews, instruction, how-to, safety, and travel for all things backcountry skiing, telemark, mountaineering & snowboarding.

A new cycling podcast. We’re not sure what it is, but it feels like something.

Meaningful stories hidden behind pictures of snow, surf, skate, and art.